11 Unbeatable Chrome Extensions which Increases Your Productivity

Do you love to use Chrome for browsing? Me also. There are lots of extensions available to increase productivity and make your work faster.

Here I am listing 11 awesome chrome extensions, you will love to use it…

1. Grammarly

If your profession is writing then Grammarly is an awesome tool that will help you to prevent spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and much more. It will also increase your speed of writing as it will highlight mistakes and solve it by one click. Whenever you are writing anything using your chrome browser, Grammarly will there to show your grammatical errors.

For Example, Let’s say you are writing a comment in facebook, Grammarly will show your mistake if you have misspelled anything or you have written anything which is grammatically incorrect.

2. Lightshot

It’s always said that images/screenshots explain more than text. If you want to explain anything to your client or friend via explanatory screenshot then Lightshot is the best option. You can highlight the parts, add arrows, add text and much more. Then you can send the screenshot as a link.


3. Screencastify

Need to create demo videos or explanatory videos frequently, Screencastify is the best option. You can create the video of screens, add the audio also and save it to the disk or can save it on Google drive also.

It’s really the best tool for creating an explanatory video.

4. Full Page Screen Capture

If you want to capture the screenshot of the full page then this extension is perfect for you. Just go to the tab in which you want to capture the whole page and click on the button, whole screen will be captured and you can save that image.

5. Plume: Dead Simple Note Taking

Have too many things to remember, just add plume extension and it will remember all important things for you. It will work as a sticky note for your chrome browser.

6. Google Dictionary

Yet another chrome extension by Google is Google Dictionary. You just need to select any word on any webpage and then has to click on the dictionary, it will show you the perfect definition of that selected word.

7. Momentum

If you get bored from your chrome welcome page and want to do some innovative then Momentum is the best extension. You need to log in with your email account and it will greet you with your name, awesome wallpapers and also you can add a list of to-dos.

8. Builtwith Technology Profiler

If you are a developer, SEO or marketer and interested in checking the technology in which websites are developed in a quick way, then BuiltWith is the boon for you. Just one click and it will provide you the full information of the website.

9. Chrome Remote Desktop

Want to access other’s PC remotely, then Chrome Remote Desktop is the easiest way to do it.

10. Adblock Plus

If you get a headache with various ads in the browser, then use Adblock Plus, It will provide you the Ad free version of the web page.

11. WOT

In the word of spammers and hackers, sometimes, it becomes necessary to check the trustworthiness of any webpage before visiting it.

WOT extension

Are you using any awesome plugin which is not listed here? Please do comment and share your knowledge with the world!!

Happy Browsing!!

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