Want to generate revenue from apps? ASO will not help you!!!

How to generate good revenue from apps

You may be thinking that how it’s possible? ASO is an important part of app marketing.

Yes, Definitely. ASO is one of the most important parts of app marketing. With ASO, you can get good rankings in Play Store/Apple Store. And good rankings will increase your visibility in App Store, so there are chances to get more downloads.

So your job is completed after user download the app?

I think NO, you need to make users engaged with the app in order to generate good revenue.

Just think, what if your app ranks first in Playstore? People will download it.. but if it’s not interesting then they will uninstall it in few minutes!!

You may think it’s not in your hand, right?

Nope. Indirectly it’s in your hand. And you should keep in mind while developing the app, to make your ASO efforts worthy.

Here are the steps:

How to create an Engaging app

How to create an engaging app?

  1. Decent UI – App Design is the first impression of the app on user’s mind. UI must be clean and professional so that user can trust on your app.
  2. Serve something interesting – Why should someone use your app, if they are getting similar features in the app of market leaders. So, don’t copy others app. Provide something unique.
  3. Don’t make it complex – People will not spend a time to understand your app. They will try to use and understand once. If they are not found easy to use, then they will uninstall it and download another app.
  4. Everyone hates errors in apps or non-working features. So, make sure all the features works correctly before publishing the app. Your app must be tested by professional testers.
  5. Support – It’s not important as above but must provide contact and support details on your app store page and inside the app so that they find you if they have any issue

After making such a great app, ASO is the next step.

In brief, ASO includes –

  1. App Title
  2. App Icon Selection
  3. App Category
  4. App Screenshots
  5. App Description
  6. Ratings/Reviews (Again directly, we can’t handle rating/reviews but indirectly we can manage it)

Important thing: Always give a reply to bad reviews with the solutions to their issues, it shows that you are concern about app users and interested in making your app better.

Great you are done with ASO.

What next?

Will there any other way to promote an app?

Yes. Of course.

  • Social Media: You can get huge numbers app downloads using social promotion of the app. Find your targeted audience and particular groups and share your app. Facebook and Twitter.
  • Contact to the Bloggers
  • Write guest posts
  • Add your app review sites (You can find list of app review sites on Google)
  • Word Of Mouth: Share your app with your friends, groups, relatives and other people you know, if they find it interesting, they will surely suggest your app to their circle. And advantage in sharing your group is, there is no any marketing cost and of course they install and use at least once.
  • Blog commenting: Don’t do spam, but of course, you can post genuine comments on relevant articles.
  • Forum Posting: It’s quite older technique, but we can’t ignore it. Join niche forums and ask questions or provide answers to relevant questions.
  • Quora: Yes, participate in the discussion in Quora on niche topics and provide answers to those questions which are related to your app.
  • Prepare a good explanatory and interesting video of your app and make it viral. Nowadays, video marketing is considered as the most powerful marketing technique.
  • Ask for feedbacks: Try to reply as soon as possible on any negative review, asked for help or any type of compliment on Playstore or at any other place. When you write a reply, it shows that you really care about your users and you are interested in providing next update of your app.
  • Make frequent updates: People avoid to install an app which is not updated since a long time. So, if possible always try to give something new in each version of your app.

In conclusion, for generating a good revenue from the app, only downloads will not help you. You need enough active users and need more and more user engagement. And for acquiring this, you need to develop an awesome app, only ASO and marketing will not help!!

Happy Marketing!!

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  1. Full post is informative but the line “Always give a reply to bad reviews with the solutions to their issues, it shows that you are concern about app users and interested in making your app better.” will help many to earn from Apps. Great Post! Carry on!

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